Price List

All prices with “MP” (Monthly payers) is the price for members who pay monthly, all other prices are for those who pay-as-you train.


Student gi – 100-150cm  £20 (MP)   £25

Student gi – 160-200cm £25 (MP)    £30

Hand Mitts (white)  £12 (MP)  £15

TKA Merchandise

TKA clubline t-shirt  £15(MP)   £17

(Available in red, white, black &  blue)                

TKA training t-shirt £10    £12

(Available in red, white, black & blue)

TKA Hoody £30 (MP)   £35

(Available in red, white, black, blue)

TKA Polo shirt   £20 (MP)   £25

(Available in red, white, black & blue)

TKA compression top/rashguard  £30 (MP)   £35

Training/licence Fees

Students can pay as they train or pay monthly, monthly payers can train as often as they like at any TKA venue.

£6 juniors (under 16yrs) £8 adults, per session, pay as you train

£45 monthly for one student

£65 monthly for two or more of the same family.

Licence Renewal (yearly) £30 (16 years and under)  £35 Adults

For more information on monthly payment details please see club secretary, Charlotte Pendlebury