Instructors Course

Instructor’s Course (Kenshusei)

The instructor’s course is done on  graduate scheme and split over three moduals allowing the student to gain experience teaching karateDo whilst under the guidence of one of TKA’s senior instructors.

The student can only enroll on the “instructor’s course” once they have completed and succesfully passed assistant instructor courses 1&2.

The Instructor’s course has been designed this way to ensure the highest of standards are maintained, practiced and taught throughout TKA.


Assistant Instructor, Level 1

A one day course where if the student is succesfull they are able to assist a senior instructor up to 8th Kyu. 


Assistant Instructor, Level 2

A one day course where if the student is succesfull they are able to assist a senior instructor up to 4th Kyu.


 Full Instructor Award (Instructor’s Course)

Once the student has enrolled on the instructors course they will have to develope a portfolio and record everything they have done within KarateDo, this includes, training, seminar’s and course’s attended and most importantly assisted teaching (up to 1st Dan) along with at what grade level.

When the student has developed a portfolio he will be awarded his instructor’s certificate which will allow them to teach at any TKA affiliated club.

There is no time frame on this certificate, the more you do the quicker you will qualify.

The instructor’s certificate is renewable every year and there is a set criteria the student must meet (i.e, amount of hours training, teaching and attending courses and seminar’s)  for the certificate to be renewed.


Graduation Scroll

When the student has been awarded their instructor’s qualification the learning and study doesnt end there!!

The student will have to continue to train, teach and study Shotokan KarateDo and when the “TKA senior instructor’s” feel the student has put the time and effort in, can teach at the high standards expected they will be presented with thier instructor’s scroll and graduate of the instructors programme.

This will also allow the student to teach outside of TKA and open their own dojo if they wish.

Again, there is no time frame on this it will be done over time.