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Tokon Karate Academy

Chester's ONLY karate dojo to boast British, European and WORLD champions!!!



All prices with "MP" (Monthly payers) is the price for members who pay monthly, all other prices are for those who pay-as-you train.



Student gi - 100-150cm  £20 (MP)   £25

Student gi - 160-200cm £25 (MP)    £30


Hand Mitts (white)  £12(MP)  £15


TKA Merchandise

TKA clubline t-shirt  £15(MP)   £17

(Available in red, white, black &  blue)                


TKA training t-shirt £10    £12

(Available in red, white, black & blue)


TKA Hoody £30(MP)   £35

(Available in red, white, black, blue)


TKA Polo shirt   £20(MP)   £25

(Available in red, white, black & blue)


TKA compression top/rashguard  £30(MP)   £35


Training/licence Fees

Students can pay as they train or pay monthly, monthly payers can train as often as they like at any TKA venue.


£5 per session, pay as you train

£40 monthly for one student

£60 monthly for two or more of the same family.


Licence Renewal (yearly) £25 (16 years and under)  £30 Adults


For more information on monthly payment details please see club secretary, Charlotte Pendlebury