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Tokon Karate Academy

Shotokan & MMA



MMA, Karate-concept is taught by Sensei A. Pendlebury 5th Dan Shotokan karateka with over 30 years of training in various martial arts, WJKA World kumite champion, qualified MMA instructor under Ian Freeman and one of only three qualified "Machida Karate" instructors across Europe, under Chinzo and former UFC champion Lyoto "the dragon" Machida.


Striking and grappling are just two of the major principles in MMA, commonly the striking is kick/Thai boxing and the grappling is based on wrestling and BJJ.


Due to Sensei Antony's extensive knowledge and training with the "Machida family" he formed MMA, karate-concept where the striking is Shotokan based, using all the effective techniques and fighting principles along with grappling and submissions, making this a system that can be transfered into MMA competition or self-defence.


MMA, karate-concept is NOT a style, it is a concept of many principles and techniques not just from shotokan but other martial arts as well.


There is a comprehensive grading syllabus for students to work through if they wish, which is a great indicator on the students progression, anyone who already holds a rank in shotokan, their grade may be transferable but anyone wanting to hold a dan grade rank will have to test.

The grading system is tailored to each individual and recognised by the British Combat Karate Association (BCKA).