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Kyu Grading Syllabus and Criteria



9th-3rd kyu gradings are all held together every 3 to 4 months at selected venues and are conducted by selected grading examiners. 3rd kyu - 1st Dan and above gradings are held on the official black and brown belt courses every 3 to 4 months which are conducted by Sensei Pendlebury.

You must have completed at least 24 training sessions between each grading to be eligable to grade. However you must still check with your Sensei to ensure that you are ready to grade as somethimes students need more training and time to be ready.


You will be expected to perform all the key eliments: Kion,Kata and kumite up to a high standard in order to receive a full pass.

If you make one or two mistakes then you may receive a "temporary" grade which will marked with a "T" in your licence book. This is not a fail, it still enables you to wear your next belt but means that you are just below the expected standard required. If you receive three temporary grades in a row then you will kept on the same belt and asked to re-do your last grade. If several mistakes are made then you may be kept on the same belt and asked to re-take that particular grade.


The full syllabus can be viewed by clicking on your current belt below. Be aware that the syllabus is a guide to what you may be asked to perform, you may also be asked to perform other kata's, combinations etc.


TKA full grading syllabus beginner to 1st kyu: