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Tokon Karate Academy

Shotokan & MMA


All our instructors are fully qualified, go through a thorough instructors programme and assesment which is completed over a number of years training and study in shotokan karate-do, they are DBS enhanced checked and have a clear understanding of the TKA health and safety and safeguard policies.

Sensei Dave Price 3rd Dan


Sensei Jon Swindlehurst 3rd Dan


Sensei Andy Powell 2nd Dan

(Senior instructor, Wrexham & St Davids dojo)


Sensei Kev Beatty 2nd Dan


Sensei Warren Beatty 2nd Dan

(Senior Instructor, Blacon Dojo)


Sensei Craig Dobson 2nd Dan


Sensei Mark Simpson 2nd Dan


Jeff Halsall 2nd Dan


Sensei Gary Stowell 1st Dan