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Senior Dan Grade Criteria




In order to take 1st Dan you must have a full pass on your 1st kyu grading and have a formal letter of invitation from your Sensei to say you are at the required standard to grade, anyone going for 2nd Dan or above must also have a letter of invitation.


Before taking your Dan grading.  you must first of all pass a mock grading with the T.K.A technical committee. The mock grading is usually held three weeks prior to the offical grading, if there are any minor faults then you have time to rectify these errors or you will be asked to re-take your mock grading if not up to the required standard.


On the day of the mock grading the students going for 1st Dan will be asked to perform all the required syllabus and fitness drills along with a written essay on the history of Shotokan Karate-do e.g. how it was founded and how karate-do has influenced your life. The student will also be asked to perform ONE of the compulsary advanced kata in the syllabus along with some Bunkai to an Heian kata chosen by the mock grading examiners. The candidate will also be asked various questions on "dojo ettiquette".



Belt-Black Belt-Black Belt-Black

2nd Dan

3rd Dan

4th Dan

5th Dan

Mock Grading Fitness Drill