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Black Belt Register

The black belt register is a list of succesful Dan grade students who have continued their life long study of Shotokan Karate-do.

Dansha who do not train on a regular basis or have not trained consistantly for a period of 6 months or more will be removed from the register and are no longer considered as a verified dan grade.

A student who does not train consistanly may be down graded, or if they return to training after a lay off from training they may be asked to wear a lower belt until they are up to the expected Dan grade standard.

The number alongside the student is the official number registered to that grade, the "H" refers to an "Honorary" member of TKA, which could be for various reasons.


5th Dan

Sensei Paul Pendlbury, Senior instructor

Sensei Antony Pendlebury ,TKA Chief instructor


4th Dan

Sensei Steven Pendlebury


3rd Dan

Jon Swindlehurst (06)

Dave Price (07)


2nd Dan

Warren Beatty

Craig Dobson

Kevin Beatty

Virgilio Caramujo (H)

Mark Simpson (02)

Cerys Jones

Harvey Davies

Andy Powell (08)

Jeff Halsall (04)

Barry Gibbons (05)

Georgia Beatty (03)



1st Dan

Gary Stowell (01)

Colin Mchoughlin

Neil Richards

Dave Meaney (H)

William Millward